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Technology Relocation Services

From large corporate headquarters to office and data center relocations, the experts at Corrigan Workplace Solutions are here to deliver a seamless planning, delivery, and installation process for your Chicagoland move.


Technology Relocation Services in the Chicagoland Area

Unlock a new realm of hassle-free technology relocation with Corrigan Workplace Solutions, your trusted partner in the Chicagoland area. Boasting over 90 years of excellence, we specialize in the meticulous and secure relocation of your technology assets. Our adept team is well-versed in the delicate intricacies of handling valuable equipment, ensuring that your technological investments are relocated, integrated, and operational without disruptions. We recognize the significance of a seamless technology transition and dedicate ourselves to making it a reality for your business.

Our Technology Relocation Services

Pre-Move Planning

Successful technology relocation starts with meticulous planning. Corrigan Workplace Solutions offers pre-move planning services to assess your technological infrastructure and develop a comprehensive relocation strategy. Our experts collaborate with your team to identify equipment, assess technical requirements, and establish timelines, ensuring a well-coordinated and efficient move.

Secure Packing and Transportation

Protecting your technology assets during transportation is paramount. Corrigan Workplace Solutions employs industry best practices for secure packing and transportation. Our team utilizes specialized materials and equipment to safeguard your equipment from damage, ensuring that it arrives at the new location in optimal condition.


Installation and Setup

Efficient installation and setup are key to minimizing downtime. Corrigan Workplace Solutions provides expert installation and setup services, ensuring that your technology assets are up and running swiftly. Our professionals meticulously reconnect and configure equipment, ensuring that your operations continue seamlessly at the new location.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Thorough testing is crucial to verify the functionality of relocated technology. Corrigan Workplace Solutions conducts rigorous testing and quality assurance checks to ensure that all systems are operational and properly integrated. Our goal is to provide you with a fully functional technology environment that meets your business needs.

Why Choose Corrigan Workplace Solutions

When it comes to technology relocation, Corrigan Workplace Solutions offers unmatched expertise:

Specialized Equipment Handling

Our team is trained to handle delicate technology equipment, ensuring that it's transported and installed with the utmost care.

Minimal Downtime

We understand that downtime impacts your business. Our efficient processes aim to reduce downtime and ensure a swift transition.

Technical Proficiency

With a deep understanding of technology systems, we ensure accurate installation and configuration, maintaining system integrity.

Quality Assurance

Our stringent testing procedures guarantee that your technology assets are fully functional post-relocation.

Collaborative Approach

We work closely with your team to plan and execute the relocation, ensuring all technical requirements are met.

Choose Corrigan Workplace Solutions for your technology relocation needs and experience a seamless transition that safeguards your critical assets.

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